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Empowering Dreams, Shaping FuturesYour Gateway to Global Education with AcadFly

Embark on a transformative educational journey with AcadFly, a dedicated venture born out of the visionary minds of Alakh Pandey and Prateek Maheshwari, under the esteemed umbrella of Physics Wallah.

Our Story


Founded on the Vision to impact education at scale

Physics Wallah (PW) was started as a youtube channel by Alakh Pandey in 2014. Today, Physics Wallah is India's top online ed-tech platform which is also one of the unicorn companies that provides affordable and comprehensive learning experiences to students. PW caters to 40 millions of students, across 18+ categories spanning undergraduate & postgraduate exams, government exams, school preparation, finance, upskilling, and English proficiency tests.The PW platform serves learners aged 12 to 28+ with an average monthly active user count of 8 million and is recognized as one of India's top profitable edtech brand.


Our Story

At AcadFly, we motivate and recognize the uniqueness of each student who is aspiring to study abroad. Our mission is to cater personalised strategies for each student, ensuring that every step is seamlessly aligned in the educational journey toward their dreams. In our team, we have global study experts dedicated to guiding you through the intricate process, from university selection to application, financial counselling and beyond, we are here to make your dreams into reality.


Democratizing Education

Rooted in the vision of transforming lives by giving a chance to study in the world's leading global universities, we firmly believe in democratising global education, making the pursuit of study abroad accessible to all. Our journey highlights the profound impact of education as the ultimate equaliser and catalyst for success.

2024 and beyond

AcadFly: Your Gateway to Global Education

AcadFly not only guides you during your study abroad journey but also helps you develop the necessary skill set required for future career growth in your desired country. With constant support, we ensure that you can focus on advancing your career with confidence in the long term.

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Our Vision


Making Study Abroad accessible to all

Ensuring that every dream is possible to achieve and students can pick the best possible study programs from across the globe. 


Leveraging education for empowering societies

Using the power of education to empower and uplift different communities in India to have a better literacy rate and a better future for all.


Helping transform students' lives through global education

Empowering dreams and shaping futures to unlock the student’s potential using various opportunities for their growth.

Our Mission

Transform lives through education in the top global universities
To reach learners in every corner of the country
To build a business sustainably

Beyond Borders: Explore, Excel, Evolve with AcadFly

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We understand that every student has different needs and capabilities, which is why we personalize our strategy and guidance so that it becomes the best fit for every student.
About AcadFly
At AcadFly, we believe that knowledge knows no boundaries. Our journey began with a commitment to supporting students in their educational pursuits, transcending geographical limitations. Now, we proudly present AcadFly, an end-to-end student recruitment program dedicated to opening pathways to global education. We understand the challenges faced by Indian students seeking overseas education. The fear of being misled or cheated is all too real.
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